Hi! I'm James Panther, a business and technology professional from Melbourne, Australia. Throughout my life I've been fascinated by technology and have developed a passion for understanding how it can be applied to solve everyday problems.

My curiosity started at a young age by tinkering with electronics, then building my own PCs and gadgets back when DOS 6 was a thing - which is why I'm still a command line junkie to this day.

I carried this passion through to my university life and am academically qualified with both an MBA and Information Systems degree. I've worked professionally in the fields of education and finance, and I also tinker with app development from time to time. Since the early 2000's I've been an avid Mac user and am all-in on the Apple ecosystem.

More recently my technology focus has shifted to the security and privacy implications of our modern world. It seems every week there's a new data breach or information scare, and most people are unaware of how their information is handled or how they can better protect themselves.

Although I wouldn't consider myself an expert in any particular technology field, my broad knowledge and experiences have provided me with a deep understanding of the technology landscape and many come to me for advice. Although I've had personal blogs in the past, this website is my way of sharing some of my thoughts, ideas and stories about my experiences in the hope that someone may find them useful.

Outside of my technology life, I'm an avid skier, whisky drinker, and food tinkerer.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to get in touch.